About us

MP Travel Solutions was born from a very simple idea: combine the experiences of the tour operating with multiple web applications.

Today, traveling is becoming more and more free and one touch easily, with infinite possibilities to choose the destinations, the transport carrier, the budget, what to do when you arrive in a place, choose to visit a museum or take a ride by bus or with a guide.

Traveling is not only sightseeing, like a tourist, but to live as a local to understand and wonder the place that welcomes us, appreciate uses, habits, lifestyles.

That’s why this site shares several ways of travel solutions, offering everyone the opportunity to choose a customized package or make your own trip mixing as well solutions, deals, places.

MP Travel Solutions is also a hotel reservation portal, shares partnership with the most famous car rental companies, ferry booking and also wants to be an independent point of contact for those who are seeking for unusual trips, or tourist locations by providing information and accepting comments, feedbacks and suggestions from those who have the pleasure to do so.

We’re 360° open wide.

We think that a trip is a dream, an idea, a desire, but an investment also; is the only deal you accept to pay in advance and then realize it as it really is.

We do not have Headquarters, branches offices, agents or similar ones, even temporary; we live and work in the web. We believe in partnership, spots, banners and whatever is useful in the web environment for chosing the ideal Holiday whoever you are, wherever you like to go, no matter how much you want to spend.

We respect the environment so we will NEVER send you any paper. But above all, we do this work because we love, so much, because tourism buz has chosen us.

We trust in substainable tourism, enhancing and supporting territory’s value, its traditions and the local products; we promote and valorize each new effort to build up a new concept of making tourism respecting the location, even small, and all the values around it.

They say world is a nice village; by our side we’d like to think to share our experience with all kind of people remembering all to respect our planet and to give it a chance for future to host us even more.

And we’re lucky. In a globalized world where all aspire to excel, to compete, to forget the true meaning of their work, we have the ambition to always offer the best of what we know and what we see, or we’ll see.

Because what you will see on our site, we have already seen, visited, ate, sailed, walked, driven.

For us, the journey is an experience.

Like life.