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Pope Francis Wednesday Audience

Rome offers the unique chance of living an immersive experience in Catholic traditions, seeing Pope Francis himself during Wednesday’s Papal Audience: a very intense point of contact between the Pope and the faithful coming from the four corners of the world. Pope Francis and the Cardinals will pass through the crowd reaching their stage, greet and bless people in different languages, with hymns and homilies, and you can be part of this special event.

Get your pre-booked tickets to get the chance to seat as close as possible to the Pope, be supported by an expert local guide and an audio device, and be sure to get perfectly on time at such a busy and requested happening.

The Audience may be either celebrated in the majestic venue of St. Peter’s Square or in the dedicated Nervi Hall, according to the Vatican’s schedule: in case of the former, you’ll reach the Piazza walking in one of the most beautiful areas in town, passing by the monumental Castel Sant’Angelo and along Via Della Conciliazione.

You’ll pass the security checkpoints to the Vatican City accompanied by a professional guide, who’ll also suggest where to sit and who’ll be happy to help to make your arrival easy, despite the crowd.

The Audience will end around 11:30/11:45 AM: right after you will meet our guide again, in Via Della Conciliazione 48, to give the audio device back.

*Admission tickets to the Papal Audience are free but we’d like to highlight that it’s mandatory to reserve tickets at least two months in advance. With our tours you don’t need to worry: the price includes a booking service to the public audience and a professional guide. Seats in St. Peter’s Square are not guaranteed, as seats cannot be booked.
**In case of missing audio devices, an additional charge of 80,00€ net will be fully applied for each missing device.

Absolutely not to be missed!

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